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Kokuyo Jibun Techo DIARY 2023

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This listing only consist of diary an annual DIARY booklet for 2023, LIFE and IDEA booklets are not included but could be found here 2022 version shown in some photos. Planner cover design may differ slightly in term of the year printed.

"Jibun" (ジブン) comes from the Japanese word which means "self", and “techo” (手帳) means planner. This planner is designed to be a planner for myself which not only for a year, but a planner for a lifetime".


Jibun Techo consists of 3 handy individual volumes and to be bundled up together to make one complete planner: a year (DIARY), a lifetime (LIFE), and a memo (IDEA). It is created with a format which makes it easy to write, easy to read, easy to find. This planner is not only great for storing information, organising information and documenting the stories and moments of your daily life, but also for discovering more about yourself

While using this Jibun journal, you are exploring and working on the progress of "self-management", "self-discovery', "self-improvement" at the same time. Covering your past, present and future, this 3-in-1 system Jibun Techo will share the new year with you, and also the future you.


It is a notebook full of ways which fun and convenient to use for the whole year.

  • A 2-page spread for each week, vertical layout marked from 0-24 hours for each day. You could now allotted your time for mid-night and early morning. The empty white to darken circles along the left side of each hour indicates sunrise to sunset.


  • The design is very considerable as there're additional spaces at the left side of each week in order the user to jot down important events or tasks.


  • Dates, weathers and moon phases are available at the top of each column. At the below, there are columns for you to record to-do lists, the weather, what you ate & who you ate with, and how you felt that day. You could also use these spaces as freely as you like to suit your needs, such as more lists or mini-journaling.


  • Kokuyo’s THIN PAPER was developed specifically for the Jibun Techo. Lightweight yet durable 52 gsm paper, it has a smooth texture that is great for fountain pens and various other writing tools. These papers remain strong and resistant to ink bleed-through and feathering, handle variety of inks well. It’s also durable, holding up well to erasing.


  • Each page is printed with a light gray grids which are pleasant and unobtrusive. Regardless of the printed format, you could choose to use it or not, decorate it with your washi tapes, stickers, rubber stamps, which could lead to unlimited creativity.


  • Each month is designated by a colour so that you could flip to the month you are looking for easily. In addition, Saturday and Sunday are indicated in blue and orange respectively.


  • Book-binding methods which ensure the books open flat and fully 180 degrees


  • Other pages:

Three-Year CalendarYearly Schedule

Age Chart (find out someone's age and Chinese zodiac sign easily)

My Dream (goals for the year) / Money Plan (record all your expenses)

Weekly Plan / Map of Japan and Other Maps

My Dream

Favorite Phrases

Favorite Phrases

Recommendation List


Recommendation List (It could be a book, a drama or movie, a cafe or restaurant, write them down and check it off once you try them! There is a column to remember who made the suggestion too!)

Book and Movie List (What book or move you read or watched, and your reviews)
Gifts List

Gifts List (Keep track of the incoming and outgoings you give and receive)

Promise List

Promise List (Remember the promises you have made and what you have to do)

Gantt Chart (Great for keeping track of personal projects, goals or some habits you try to build on. You could see your progress at a glance.)

Monthly Calendar / Looking Back on 2023 / Personal Data

If you are just starting out with the Jibun Techo, the 3-in-1 set has everything you need: three booklets (DIARY, LIFE, IDEA), a matte clear softcover and a pencil board/ruler with elastic band that keep the cover closed. 

With its simple and effective design, Jibun Techo is adaptable to your needs and lifestyle, allowing you to organise your life efficiently. You could choose to use only one or two or all three of the booklets in a single cover.

Some sample pages here.


Schedule Periods: November 2022- January 2024

Material: (Cover) PVC; (Inserts) Kokuyo THIN Paper

Size: A5 Slim (H20xW136xD217mm); B6 Slim Mini (H190xW120mm)

Designed by Hideaki Sakuma

Made in Japan