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KITTA Special - KITP006 Nuance


KITTA Special brings you the convenience of easily cutting out your desired size and shape, resembling postage stamps. These peel-off seals allow you to add a crisp touch to your creations at your preferred position and size.

KITTA is a combination of washi tape and stickers, conveniently cut to a portable length for on-the-go enjoyment. Peel off each strip from the compact booklet for effortless use anytime, anywhere.

Each set includes 9 unique designs, with 4 sheets per set, adorned with beautiful illustrations or patterns. Perfect for both creativity and practical decoration. 



Enclosed are four sheets of perforated masking stickers, allowing for easy separation and convenient use, either individually or connected together.

The backing paper of the stickers comes with a small cut (opening) for easy removal.

When you fold the cover, it becomes card-sized, making it easy to carry in your planner's pocket or pencil case.

The stickers are made from a material that can be easily attached and removed.



Content: 4 sheets

Size: (each sheet) H71×W54mm; (when folded) H91×W55mm

Material: high-quality paper

Designed by KITTA 

Made in Japan