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Inner Peace Rubber Stamp


"This is a series about finding inner peace. 

Especially during the pandemic days, negative emotions are inevitable.Day after day, sometimes I forget to give myself some quiet and calm time.I think we could walk to the balcony, to the window, or anywhere towards the direction of the sun after getting up from bed, we could take a deep breath and linger there for a while.

Sometimes, we can chill at our favourite corner of the house and read for a while.

Or at night, after dinner, we could go out and check if there are stars in the sky tonight. This move doesn’t seem to be a part of my daily habit, how about you? (Laughs) So it’s time for us to try something new."


These adorable rubber stamps designed by Eileentai.85 collaboration with bighands are great for adding lovely charms to your pages, at the same time they are perfect for recording your daily routines or small events happening around everyday.

Each piece of rubber stamp is assembled by hand by the designer with care and attention to details. We hope their beautiful creation will add some sparks in your everyday life.


Size: 4x4x1.5cm

Designed by EileenTai.85 x bighands

Made in Malaysia