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King Jim

Hitotoki Pop-Up Stickers - Dinosaur


Popping like pop-up books | Re-stickable 3D stickers

These pop-up stickers are printed with lovely illustrations by Japanese artist, Kunomari. They are designed stand upright on surfaces. You will able to get a 3D effect by just bending the stickers and folding or closing your page.

They are great for adorning your pages, outgoings, scrapbooks, decors and for many more occasions when you would like to add a little extra touch. These stickers are fun and definitely will leave everyone with a smile! 

These stickers create a lively and creative scene wherever you wish to place in:

Journal Page

Greeting Cards

Perfectly pair with washi tapes, rubber stamps and simples drawing


Content: 1 sheet

Size: 96x96mm

Material: PET  

Designed by Hitotoki x  Yuko Sakuma

Made in Japan