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Hatsu Midori

Hatsu Midori Clear Stamp Sheet - Finn's Favourite


Explore these adorable clear stamps featured 25 pieces of Finn's favourites. Within this clear stamp collection, you'll will discover Finn's emojis and an array of her beloved items, including adorable kitchen tools, a cheese sandwich, stationeries, sardines can, and more! Let these adorable illustration be your creative companions, adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday life.

By attaching these clear stamps on the acrylic block, pressing them into an ink pad, and stamp away, you could create various delicate frame designs. As the acrylic block and the stamp sheets are transparent, you could accurately place the stamps or matching different patterns together.

// Each clear stamp is removable, you could paste it freely on the provided acrylic base.
// Clean the clear stamps and bases with wet wipes.
// Avoid store under the sunlight.

You can also find the sticker version of Finn's favourites here. 


Size: package size (90x85mm); each pieces of clear stamp (approximately 15x15mm)

Designed by Hatsu Midori 

Made in Taiwan