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Hanen Studio x hase Rubber Stamp - Flowers have bloomed (花都開好了)



At the beginning of the four seasons, the most beautiful days in a year, all the flowers have bloomed for you.


·inspiration ·persevere ·dream ·花都开好了

"inspiration", "persevere", "dream", "flowers have bloomed"
These are my best wishes to you.

Delicate piece of wooden rubber stamp by Hanen Studio in collaboration with Japanese artist,  hase, who is known for her expressive handwritings. Her delicate handwritings have bring personality and authenticity to her designed rubber stamps.

Great for adding touch of elegance and personality to your journal pages, outgoings, gift wrappings and other occasions. We hope you will enjoy explore and discover artistic and creativity in this collaboration work by Hanen Studio and hase.

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Size: 45x50mm

Designed by Hanen Studiohase