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evakaku 小島匠所

evakaku A Big Rubber Stamp - Bird/Bunny/Cat


Evakaku has brought us some cutest animals featured on rubber stamps - a bird, a bunny, and a cat! Even though these rubber stamps feature simple lines or shapes, they are perfect for adding lovely touch to your pages or outgoings. You could pair them with other rubber stamps or with any fun stickers, glitter or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal.


Each set of evakaku rubber stamps set are beautifully wrapped in a translucent paper bag which normally used to pack pineapple tarts in Taiwan.




evakaku is a space where the designer, Eva invented for herself to enjoy doing things that she enjoys and sharing little things in her life by craving them into rubber stamps... 

All arrangement are good arrangement. 所有的安排都是好安排.


Size: 5x7cm

Designed by evakaku

Made in Taiwan