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Embrace the Ordinary Rubber Stamp


All these ordinary which once seems ordinary, feels a bit more extraordinary. 

Every stroke and symbol featured in this rubber stamp has given a lot of thoughts, including the ditto mark ("). (") is a typographic symbol indicating that the word/phrase above it are to be repeated. The (") at the bottom of the word embrace, giving it a possible interpretation as "embrace, embrace the ordinary".


Embracing the ordinary that could've been done

Right now, most of us has moved indoor, or the world has moved indoor. We are given an opportunity to present to ordinary things that we might have taken for granted previously, such as visiting our parents/kids, or hanging out with friends and greet them with hugs.

Embracing the ordinary that couldn't been done

Cooking meals, watching entire TV seasons, reading books from to-read-list, playing games, getting your journaling/art supplies out of the drawers, catching up with people we "meant to call" and ask "how are you?" weeks or months ago and etc.

Spending most of the days being confined at homes, whether alone or together, all of these ordinaries connect us with inner-self or our love ones during these times.


This rubber stamp allows you to document your ordinary moments or daily activities which you might thought they were too ordinary. Or for reminding yourself about embracing the "new-normal". Or for adorning your pages and adding personalised touch to outgoings.



Wood Size: 5x3cm

Designed by SOM Studio x Pooi Chin

Made in Malaysia


We believe that hand-written form has no equivalent in computer fonts.


Distinct from mere writing, we believe that handwriting should continue to be valued and collected. This rubber stamp features handwritten Chinese calligraphy by Pooi Chin (@pooi_chin), who is an avid the art journaling enthusiast. She enjoy expressing herself in analogue way, such as stationery crafting and handwriting.


Pooi Chin is known for her personal creative touches on her journals pages, outgoing mails and wrappings with the usage of different materials, such as wax seals, washi tapes, ephemera, rubber stamps, and many more. She believes that recording memories in analogue way is a chance of allowing ourselves to slow down and experience the rhythm of life, and also looking into the details in everyday life. 


Pooi Chin has also published her first book, "Pooi Chin - Love for Journal: The ultimate mystery of stationery" in 2017 and conducted a number of journalling workshops these years.