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Dot Washi Sticker Rolls


Each roll of these tapes is actually a roll of colourful translucent stickers. You can peel off each piece of sticker individually from the roll easily, without cutting them out or using any release paper. 

Great for adding beautiful accents to your pages, outgoing gift or letters, collage works and many more occasion. 

They can be laid over important dates or notes to highlight them, or feel free to layer these stickers over each other with different colours. You might surprise with the outcomes. The richness of colours will become an expressions of visual elegance. You can also write on these stickers with oil-based pens. 

Each roll includes round stickers in various sizes from the smallest of 5mm to largest ⌀45mm.


Sticker Sizes: approx. 5mm~45mm each circle 

Tape Length: 3m