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Day Off Works

Day Off Works Sticker Pack - Quotes and Sayings


Whether you're seeking motivation, reflection, or simply a gentle reminder to embrace the present moment, these stickers are designed to resonate with you on your journey. This meticulously designed pack features harmonious colours to elevate your visual experience.

With a variety of inspirational messages at your fingertips, this sticker pack is the perfect companion for journaling, planning, or adding a touch of positivity to your everyday items. Let these stickers inspire and uplift you as you navigate through life's adventures. 

Content: 15 sheets in total

Size: 10x11mm

Designed by Day Off Works

Made in Malaysia


Note: This product is crafted with love and care, entirely by hand by the designer. This sticker pack is handmade so slight flaws and imperfections may be present. The designer takes pride in delivering the very best to our customers, ensuring that every pieces are carefully being produced.