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COFFRET TRIANGLE Cosmetic Motif Film Sticker - Forest Green (COFT002)


COFFRET, the peel-off film sticker with cosmetic motifs.

With a combination of nuanced colours and foil-pressed elements, these decorative stickers resemble a cosmetic palette. The transparent film material allows for easy layering and creative combinations.

Cut into user-friendly shapes like circles, triangles, and semicircles, they offer versatile usage – be it a smartphone case, gift box, message card, or journal. Whether arranged side by side or layered for a more intricate look, the possibilities are endless.


A design that truly resembles an authentic cosmetic palette.

Inspired by cosmetic palettes, these stickers feature various printing patterns, including nuanced designs and foil pressing, all compacted into one booklet. The reflective surface adds a stunning touch, ensuring an eye-catching effect. With five shapes and four colours, the lineup is versatile for easy decoration.

Elegant and striking combinations.

Harmonious colour combinations allow for balanced and stylish decoration, making a single booklet appear vibrant and elegant.

The palm-sized design also ensures convenient portability.

Easy to layer and reposition, these stickers provide flexibility for creative layering and effortless application.

The gentle adhesive backing allows for easy repositioning, making these stickers perfect for adorning planners, cards, or gift wrapping. 

The film material adds a translucent quality, making them ideal for layering as well. Just like enjoying daily makeup, these stickers offer the freedom to express yourself with vibrant colours. Whether placed side by side or layered, indulge in the heartwarming colours at your whim.

Each sticker comes with a backing paper and a full adhesive layer.

This ensure easy application and a clean look when adhered. Simply peel each sticker from its backing paper, revealing a transparent layer that can be easily removed for application.



The CORRET TRIANGLE collection available in five distinct shapes, each featuring four stunning colour lines: Horizon BlueForest GreenChiffon YellowPink Float.




Art / Embroidery / 3D
Creating is living.
Prioritising free expression without being bound by techniques or forms,
Producing with transparent colours, free from cloudiness and dullness.
Without imposing logic or emotion, crafting a unique piece for someone,
guided by the sensations of the moment.




Content: 48 sheets (8 sheets x 6 designs)

Size: Approx. W63 x H56 mm

Package Size: Square, Triangle (6.5x6.5cm); Circle (7.5x5.5cm); Bar (4.5x8.5cm); Round (9.5x5.5cm)

Material: PET

Designed by Hitotoki x smanim

Made in Japan