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Classiky x Toranekobonbon Washi Tapes - Memory of mon petit (Set of 2)


Beautiful washi tapes printed with adorable illustrations by Japanese artist, ToranekobonbonThey will be great for decoration on your journal pages, outgoings, gift wrapping and many more.


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Toranekobonbon 中西直子

After 311 Japan earthquake and tsunami, Japan artist, Torabekobonbon started to share one hand-drawing animals everyday on the blog. Whether it's on ephemera papers, used receipt, papers, or even on magazine pages, the artist has been drawing one animal drawing each day, together with some wording and thought. Each animal drawing of the artist actually symbolise human being...


Size: (A+B) 1.8cm x 10m each; (C+D) 2.0cm x 10m each

Designed by Classiky x Toranekobonbon

Made in Japan