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Classiky x Toranekobonbon Sticky Notes - Cat/Dog


These adorable sticky notes designed illustrations by Japanese artist, Toranekobonbon could be used as little decorations for creating a rustic atmosphere. They are great for adorning your journal, putting into envelope and become a little extra joy to your mail, and perfect for occasion when you would like to add a little extra cuteness. 

These delightful sticky notes feature charming illustrations by the Japanese artist, Toranekobonbon. They can be used as decorative elements to create a rustic atmosphere. They are perfect for embellishing your journal, adding a touch of joy to your mail when tucked inside envelopes, and for occasions when you want to introduce a bit of extra cuteness.

Each design comes with 50 sheets, and a sample pack with 5 pieces/sheets per design is also available. Please kindly use a pencil or an oil-based ink pen as water-based ink pens might not work well.


Toranekobonbon 中西直子

After the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, Japanese artist Torabekobonbon began sharing a daily hand-drawn animal on their blog. These drawings appear on various surfaces, including ephemeral papers, used receipts, regular papers, and even magazine pages. Accompanying each animal drawing is a bit of text and some thoughts. Interestingly, each of the artist's animal drawings symbolizes a facet of the human experience.



cat A (7x7.7cm); cat B (6.8x3.2cm, 5.7x3.2cm);

dog A (7.5x7cm); dog B(6.3x2.3cm, 9.9x2.2cm)

Designed by Classiky x Toranekobonbon

Made in Japan