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Classiky x Ten To Sen Label Card


We always have a deep appreciation for the artistry of paper and the craftsmanship of letterpress printing. When you run your fingers over them, you can feel the characters faintly pressed into the cards by zinc letterpress printing. It's these simple details that can bring so much joy.

These letterpress message cards printed on thick cushioned paper, showcase patterns designed by Ten To Sen, inspired by the natural scenery and plants of Hokkaido city, where the designer is intimately familiar. The design artfully depicts a townscape that seamlessly connects from one small garden to another. As the flowers bloom, the boundaries fade, creating the illusion of a sprawling garden.

These memo cards, whether used as message cards or gift cards, exude an elegant simplicity that visually delights. They come in handy for various purposes, especially when you want to pass a quick note or message.


Content: 10pcs

Card Size: 12 × 6.5cm

Designed by Classiky x ten to sen 

Made in Japan