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Classiky x Seiko Okada Porcelain Stamps


It's not something from another different dimension which apart from reality, it's just another extension of it. The designer looks things around us in everyday life from a different angles, trying to make drawings slightly offset from what we see everyday.

This beautiful porcelain stamp will be a perfect decoration company for journaling, scrapbooking, mailing, and gift wrapping. As the whole surface of these stamps is made of porcelain, you could also try it with vermilion ink pads, or use them as wax seals etc.

We hope you enjoy this little bit of "deviation".



Circle - Diameter 2cm H2cm
Cone - Diameter 2cm H3cm
Hexagon - W2cm L1.8cm H3cm
Triangle - W2cm L2cm H4cm
Square - W2cm L2cm H2cm

Designed by Classiky x Seiko Okada

Made in Japan


*These porcelain stamps are handcrafted by beautiful humans. Please be aware there may be small imperfections and items may not be exactly the same as the photo product. This is part of the hand made process, which is what makes these stamps unique and should not be seen as a fault.