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Classiky x Mihani Koubou Bookstore Paper Bags (10pcs)


Mihani Shorin is a cozy little shop that always seems to be packed with five customers. As they pass each other, they exchange polite nods, reminiscent of crabs scuttling past. On both sides of the store, you'll find bookshelves filled with books on natural science, with a focus on flora and fauna. In the center of the store, a desk overflows with original stationery.

The shop's owner, Kaya-san, always sits in the back behind the counter, engrossed in her sketchbook. What exactly is she contemplating? It would be wonderful to stumble upon a shop like this somewhere, wouldn't it?

These delightful paper products invite you into the world of Mihani Shorin. The paper used is of high quality, ensuring durability and tear resistance. The bags also have a generous gusset, providing extra space for your items. Perfect for various uses such as gift bags or wrapping bags. Enjoy the versatility and unique charm these bags bring to your gifting and sharing experiences.



Content: 10 pieces

Size: (S)14.5 x 23cm; (M) 24.5 x 36.8cm

Designed by Classiky x Mihani Koubou Bookstore

Made in Japan