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Classiky x Jin Kakino Porcelain Stamp


Unique creations by Japanese artist, Jin Kakino who is a "hanko" (stamps) artist. Japanese normally use stamps as their signature or to express final will. However, Jin Kakino works on rubber stamps in a more modern, interesting and fun way, without being captured by the stereotype.

These hand-carved porcelain stamps were released for Classiky exhibition back in 2016. The theme was "Nude/ Naked" and each artist expressed the theme with their unique approach.

This porcelain stamp will be a great for adding beautiful accents to your pages, craft projects, outgoings and many more occasion. It would be a good choice of gift for yourself or for someone who always eyeing on something different.



Size: 12x12x50mm

Designed by Classiky x Kakinojin

Made in Japan

*These porcelain stamps are handcrafted by beautiful humans. Please be aware there may be small imperfections and items may not be exactly the same as the photo product. This is part of the hand made process, which is what makes these stamps unique and should not be seen as a fault.