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Classiky x Drop Around Geometric Sticky Notes


These sticky notes were created to add a touch of fun and functionality to items we frequently use during our travels or in our daily lives.

Enjoyable sticky notes in new shapes and colours. Circular, square, slender rectangles, semicircles, and hexagons - geometric post-it notes that create interesting visual balance when stuck. Suitable for various purposes such as creating patterns, labelling gifts, adding decorations, marking important points, or simply as your everyday memo notes. Popular not just for practical use but also as materials for collages. 

Each colour is named after traditional Japanese items or plants. Combine these unique shapes and colours to create your own vanguard style.  

"01" features a vibrant vermilion round sticky note that embodies the essence of Japan. It's not only practical but also a popular choice for collages and creative projects, thanks to its striking colour.

"02" is a double sticky note with a round shape in grape colour and a light grey shade.

"03" is a combination of two triangles, perfect as arrow substitutes. The beautiful sky blue and vermilion colours make them stand out even more when you use them. It's the most popular among all the sticky notes, known as 'sora + shu'.

"04" is a slightly vintage green colour, reminiscent of grass. The isosceles triangle shape resembles a flag when placed horizontally.

"05" is a crescent-shaped sticky note resembling the moon as it rises in the night sky. Placing it on the edges of books or notebooks can serve as an index replacement.

"06" combines a graphical orange with ink black. It's recommended to write on the ink black sticky notes with white, gold, or silver gel ink pens. They can also serve as small message cards.

"07" is a set of two colours of hexagonal sticky notes resembling a beehive. They can be used on the edges of notebooks or notepads for an index-like appearance.  

"08" is one of the more austere blacks in the series. While you might think it's difficult to write on, it actually makes white, gold, or silver gel ink pens shine, allowing for unique uses you may not have tried before.

"09" features a larger square and a smaller rectangle compared to other series. The larger one can be used for messages, while the smaller one is perfect for quick notes. They can be separated for various purposes.

"10" is a gentle cream-coloured large round sticky note. It can be used as a substitute for a short message or stuck on items and documents. It might also double as a coaster on your table.


Drop Around

A design unit themed around travel. They work on design projects centered around paper and also create and sell original products.


Content: 50 sheets each pattern


01 - φ5cm

02 - φ3/3.8×3.8cm

03 - 3×2.6cm, 2×1.7cm

04 - 4.5×5cm

05 - 6x3cm

06 - 2.2×2.2cm, 8.5×1cm

07 - 3.7×3.2cm

08 - 4.9×4.9cm

09 - 3.2×0.8cm, 7.9×7.9cm

10 - φ7.9cm

Designed by Classiky x Drop Around

Made in Japan