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Classiky Enamel Lunch Box


Oval Enamel Bento Box by Classiky, a piece that seems both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Although oval shape is quite common for bento boxes, it becomes exceptional when made from enamel. Craftsmanship is at its finest in this creation.

This beautiful lunch box can hold your stamps, memo cards, sticky-notes, or other crafting and journaling materials together, requiring just a little tug for you to discover the surprising depth of this box. Experience the convenience and charm of a lunch box that adapts to your needs, maintains exceptional quality, and adds a touch of playfulness to your daily routine.

Why Oval?
Ovals are known to be challenging to shape with precision, making the creation of an oval enamel bento box a remarkable feat. Finding a factory that would undertake the pressing of enamel-coated steel plates for small quantities was no small task. After half a year of relentless searching across Japan, we finally realised this unique oval bento box.

Elegant Yet Practical

Shape: The shape is not only cute but also functional. The slightly taller one-tier design prevents your dishes from getting squished and allows for a more enjoyable meal experience.

Enamel Advantages

Enamel is renowned for its outstanding heat resistance and acid resistance. With this lunch box, your food remains fresh and you can carry it with confidence. It also excels in heat retention, so your freshly prepared meal can be enjoyed as it's meant to be.

Easy to Clean
Enamel's odor resistance and the smooth, rimless oval shape make cleaning a breeze. Plus, its simplicity means no hard-to-reach corners for dirt to accumulate.

Please Note

- The blackened edges are part of the enamel's design, and the base material is exposed intentionally. This is not a defect.
- During manufacturing, the bento boxes are placed upside down in the kiln, which may result in small marks on the edges.
- You may observe variations in the glaze at the edges and surface, as well as occasional black streaks or dots from the underglaze. These are characteristics of enamelware.


Size: w15.8 × d9.6 × h5cm

Designed by Classiky

Made in Japan