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Chamil Garden

Chamil Garden Number Rubber Stamp Set - Twins


“What makes us the most normal, is knowing that we're not normal.” 「我們的正常之處,就在於自己懂得自己的不正常。」 ― Haruki Murakami, <Norwegian Wood> 村上春樹 《挪威的森林》

"The co-existence of complementary and contradictory, presenting this beautiful creations for you who coexist with another you, for you and your twins. For the one and only you, where two of me live in."


Beautiful number rubber stamps designed by Chamil Garden would be perfect for adorning your journal pages, adding personalised touch to outgoings gifts/letters or any art projects. Available in 2 patterns: Day (dark/solid inner); Night (white/empty inner).


Chamil Garden
Chamil Garden, a talented rubber stamps designer from Taiwan who enjoy carving rubber stamps, also trying her best to move towards her goals. She is known for creating stunning designs with simple lines, dots, words and collages. By matching them with different colours, her designs and artworks always inspired many of us.


Size: 27 x 17 x 20 mm

Designed by Chamil Garden

Made in Taiwan