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Chamil Garden

Chamil Garden Number Rubber Stamp Set - The Only Child


島本 (The only daughter/獨生女)

"But, compared to me, then, she had terrible load of psychological baggage to struggle with. This baggage, though, only made her a tougher, more self-possessed only child than I could ever have been. Mistakes done couldn't be redone, and time passing is one thing that can't be redone..."


始 (The only son/獨生子)

"The phrase 'only child', I had an inferiority complex about it, as if there was something different about me, that what other people all had and took for granted I lacked. I detested the term only child. Every time I heard it I felt something was missing from me-like I wasn't quite a complete human being." 

 Haruki Murakami, <South of the Border, West of the Sun> 

村上春樹 《國境之南‧太陽之西》


Beautiful number rubber stamps designed by Chamil Garden are great for printing small artistic-style numbering onto your pages and outgoings. They are also great for adding personalised touch for many occasions. 

Use this rubber stamp on its own as a how it is, or in combination with other rubber stamps (such as background stamps, lines or borders), stickers, washi tapes, or your hand-written message & quotes, the possibilities are endless!

Available in 2 patterns: The only son 始 (dark/solid inner);  The only daughter 島本 (white/empty inner)



Size: (each rubber stamp) 20 x 12 mm 

Designed by Chamil Garden

Made in Taiwan