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Bon Appétit! Wax Seal Collection


Bon Appétit is the French for 'Enjoy your meal!".

Are you seeking for a way to express your favourite food? A beautiful collection of food theme wax seal which is great for adding a touch of charm to your written correspondence, outgoing mails or gift packaging. It is also a thoughtful gift for stationery lover, letter-writers, or someone you would love to share with. 

Besides using for commemorating a meal you have taken, or any snack or drink you have bought with these wax seals, you could also use them for your favourite items, such as using 祝君好胃口 (enjoy your meal) or 賞味期限 (best before) for a toy, cosmetic or snack you have just bought.

We hope you will enjoy your meal or any little thing in your daily life!


Content: x1 wax seal + x1 dark green mini drawstring bag

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