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bighands Rubber Stamp Collection - Someday (words)


I have a friend,
She has a gentle, and deep soul.
She hugs her inner child and
also embrace herself in words.
Through words, she heals herself and me :)

So this time, I want to share my long-held friend with you and her words.
Hope you feel warmth in your heart and
smiles on your face while reading her words,
just like me ;)

- __bighands

Inspired by the depth of a cherished friend's soul, this stamp captures the beauty of embracing your inner child and finding solace in heartfelt expression. Crafted with graceful elegance, bighands' handwriting flows like gentle waves, exuding warmth and sincerity with every stroke.

Whether you're crafting, journaling, or creating heartfelt greetings, these stamps will add a dash of cuteness and joy to your work. Let your creativity soar with adorable handwriting and create magical moments on every page.



收集日子裡的碎片 (collecting pieces in life) (5.5x1.5x2cm);

live a little (2.5x1.5x2cm);

有一天 某一天 (one day someday), 追逐日落 (chasing sunset), 鬆弛時光 (relaxing time),someday, so we met, star chaser, collecting pieces in life (4x1.5x2cm);

許願 (wish) (2x1.5x2cm)


Designed by bighands x kira dream

Made in Malaysia