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Ananö Wax Seal - The Rose


In the language of flowers, lily of the valley means “love and happiness". "Vous êtes la plus belle" means "you're the most beautiful" in French.

This wax seal is engraved with with precise and beautiful artwork of rose designed by Ananö. It is full of fine details, perfect for adding delicate accents to your pages, outgoings, invitation cards and any creative project or as a gift.

The handle is fully engraved with a complex and beautiful rose ornament, set this wax seal apart from others. There is a tiny hole that allow to pass the string and wear it as a pendant around the neck. Each wax seal is packaged in a paper box designed by the designer, allowing you to feel the sense of anticipation when unbox for the content.

Each wax seal is handcrafted and given much cares by the designer in order to accentuates the beauty and fineness of its material used. As such, there may be a slight variations in size, colour and finishing. 


Content: 1 wax seal

Size: stamp part (1.2x1.2cm); body part (3.5cm)

Designed by Ananö

Made in Japan