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与__有约 (a date with ___) Rubber Stamp


Me time matters when it comes to your happiness and anticipation for tomorrow.

"Me time" does not have to be a whole day at somewhere or doing something as quality me time is more important than quantity. It could be just a few minutes that you squeezed into the middle of your daily obligations or works, such as go for a walk, have a cup of coffee, do your favourite creative hobby, play around with your make up, or write in your journal.

Taking care of yourself when we have endless to-do list everyday might leave you feeling guilty sometime, but keep in mind that you're worth for it and it is important for keeping yourself looking forward for the upcoming days. No steps or activities we spent time for ourselves should be considered as waste of time or insignificant as each of them bring us to embrace the moment we are in. 

These rubber stamps feature Chinese characters of "与__有约" (a date with something or someone) in handwritten Chinese Calligraphy, English phrase "me-time" and "hours". 

This series is designed for recording the time and activity you spent for yourself, yet not limited to this. We have put a lot of thought into the designs so that they could be used to note down the date, people you spend time with, or activity and some details of the day. Besides celebrations or some little things that brighten your day, we believe that everything in life are noteworthy even they might seem ordinary. 

Each piece of rubber stamps is assembled by hand with care and attention to details. We hope this unique creation will add some sparks in your everyday life. They would be great for adorning your journal pages, adding personalised touch to outgoings and also as an unique gift for people who are looking for something different.


Size: (与__有约) 23x17mm; (hours) 20x9mm; (me-time) 31x9mm

Wood Size: 

(与__有约) 25x23mm;

(hours) 30x15mm;

(me-time) 38x15mm

Designed by SOM Studio x Pooi Chin

Made in Malaysia


We believe that hand-written form has no equivalent in computer fonts.


Distinct from mere writing, we believe that handwriting should continue to be valued and collected. This rubber stamp features handwritten Chinese calligraphy by Pooi Chin (@pooi_chin), who is an avid the art journaling enthusiast. She enjoy expressing herself in analogue way, such as stationery crafting and handwriting.


Pooi Chin is known for her personal creative touches on her journals pages, outgoing mails and wrappings with the usage of different materials, such as wax seals, washi tapes, ephemera, rubber stamps, and many more. She believes that recording memories in analogue way is a chance of allowing ourselves to slow down and experience the rhythm of life, and also looking into the details in everyday life. 


Pooi Chin has also published her first book, "Pooi Chin - Love for Journal: The ultimate mystery of stationery" in 2017 and conducted a number of journalling workshops these years.