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36 Sublo

36 Sublo x syubisya 'Startdust' Paper Pad


Given a beautiful name for this book, "Stardust of the Lonely Planet", indicating these beautiful left over papers are the growing stardust which are forgotten as the time goes.

This book features approximately 50 sheets of papers which are removable and each paper has various stunning textures. Each page from this booklet is from left over papers during the process of producing products such as notebooks or envelopes. 

This paper pad is irresistible for anyone who loves special things and makes a unique gift for people who are looking for something different. Its size is specially made into square size, perfect for decorating your pages & outgoings, origami, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, collaging projects and writing memo. 

Each booklet has different papers, different contents, therefore it has different thickness. The thickness is approx. 5mm.



Content: approx. 50 sheets (5mm thickness, might vary)

Size: 84mm × 177mm x 5mm thickness

Designed by 36 Sublo x syubisya

Made in Japan