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PIE Int.

100 Papers with Classical Floral Patterns


A collection of 100 writing and craft papers featuring stunning flora patterns and illustrations!

This book is a collection of carefully selected rare and antique European illustrations, from classic botanical art to floral calligraphy and frames. The beauty of the European floral art in the collection makes this book a perfect gift. All 100 pages are removable and each pattern is printed on a variety of textured papers.

These decorative papers proposed new colour combinations that you never see before, beautiful and versatile to be used for almost any creative project you can come up with, from adorning your pages to greeting cards, packaging, making DIY  envelope, scrapbooking, collaging or simply place it on your desk. Find the perfect sheet to match your mood of the day or the recipient of your letter. They beauty of these designs in this collection make this book a perfect gift.


Content: 216 pages (Full Color)

Size: 148×210mm

Made in Japan