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teayou Washi Tape: Starry Night


Beautiful gold foil stamping washi tape adorned with nostalgic and soothing illustrations by teayou. This washi tape invites you to reveal the magic of the starry sky.

As the stars twinkle overhead and the houses cast their warm glow, the white sheep find solace in the peaceful serenity of the farm after a long day of toil in the fields. Together, these elements weave a tapestry of mystery and dreams, creating a truly mesmerising Starry Night.

With this warm and gentle washi tape, you can easily create lovely scenes, enhancing your journal pages, outgoings, or any art projects with a cozy and lively atmosphere. The rich colours add an expression of visual elegance, perfect for adding sweet and cozy touches to your pages or outgoings. 

This tape comes with a convenient backing paper. Easily cut, store, and use specific parts according to your preferences.

Size: 2cmx5m; 60cm per cycle/loop

Material: washi tape

Designed by teayou