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som x slumberbugs Handmade Letterpress Mini Notebook


We believe that every moment, regardless of its size, deserves to be celebrated and recorded, even those seemingly insignificant ones. These rubber stamps have been meticulously crafted to embody the theme of our journaling and stationery pop-up market: Celebrate Every Moment. Each designer has handpicked a moment that holds personal significance to them, to us, and most importantly, to you.


 a beautiful keepsake for capturing the essence of your everyday moments.


Immerse yourself in the exquisite craftsmanship of handmade and handprinted mini notebook. Each notebook is lovingly crafted with handmade paper with delicate deckle edge, adding a touch of uniqueness and artistry to your writing experience.

These mini notebooks feature phrases like "____ of the day," "little things worth remembering," and "daily reminder" on the cover, serving as a gentle prompt to write down and celebrate all the precious moments that unfold.  

With a convenient size of 105mm x 135mm, these mini notebooks fit perfectly in your pocket or bag, allowing you to capture memories on the go. Whether it's something that brings a smile to your face or a moment that brings you down, every moment, no matter how small, is worth remembering. 


Every piece would be imperfectly perfect. 


Content: 16 pages

Size: 105mm x 135mm

Designed and Printed by som studioSlumber Bugs

Made in Malaysia