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Black Milk Project

Black Milk Project Stationery Box Set - Moment (Limited Edition)


We believe that every moment, regardless of its size, deserves to be celebrated and recorded, even those seemingly insignificant ones. These rubber stamps have been meticulously crafted to embody the theme of our journaling and stationery pop-up market: Celebrate Every Moment. Each designer has handpicked a moment that holds personal significance to them, to us, and most importantly, to you.


Featuring unique drawings by Black Milk Project, this captivating box of stationery goodies consists of:
• wooden stamp 3.5 x 4cm (1pc)
• clay holder stamp 2cm x 2cm (1pc)
• assorted papers pack
• mini sticker pack (5 unique cut-out)

They are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your scrapbooking projects, journal entries, greeting cards, and more. Explore the magic of these lovely designed stationery goodies by Black Milk Project and unlock endless possibilities for expressing your creativity.


Designed by Black Milk Project for SOM Studio

Made in Malaysia