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Lin Chia Ning 吉

LCN x L.E. Mont Poetry Rubber Stamp


Each delicate wooden rubber stamp features poem that is beautifully written by talented American poet, L.E. Mont, in collaboration with Taiwanese stationery designer, Lin Chia Ning (LCN). L.E. Mont is a award-winning poet, creative nonfiction writer, and spoken word artist who has multiple publications.

Each of these poetry rubber stamps is inspired by LCN's new released tapes from the same collection. 

Starflower for Daily collect-Stars PET tape
Mr. Snowglobe for Pieces of the Universe PET tape
Moonchild for Beyond the Sky PET tape

Great for adding a touch of elegance that inspire intricate detailing to your pages, outgoings, scrapbooks, and any other project.


Size: 8.5x4.x2cm

Designed by Lin Chia Ning

Made in Taiwan