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Hanen Studio

Hanen Studio Rubber Stamp - Flower Calendar


Names of months in Lunar Calendar were originally named according to natural phenomena, including flowers that represent periodic events in biological life cycles and how these are influenced by changes in seasons. 

Each month is represent by a flower with auspicious, cultural meanings and frequently featured in traditional poems, paintings, and artefacts. 

January 柳月 - Willow
February 杏月 - Apricot 
March 桃月- Peach blossom 
April 槐月- Locust tree
May 榴月 - Pomegranate
June 荷月 - Lotus
July 巧月 - Balsamina
August 桂月 - Osmanthus
September 菊月 - Chrysanthemum 
October 阳月 - Hibiscus
November 葭月 - Reed
December 梅月 - Plum blossom


Delicate piece of wooden rubber stamp by Hanen Studio that features names of twelve months and each month represented by a flower. Great for marking the date or for adding lovely touches and creative accents to your journal pages, outgoing mail/parcel, art projects, scrapbooks, gift cards or any other occasion. The possibilities are endless. We hope this unique creation will add some sparks in your everyday life.


Size: 75x40mm

Designed by Hanen Studio