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bighands Mini Art Pieces (Memo Pads) - Wanderlust in Dressing


Immerse in the fantasy land,
letting the soul wander freely, creating freely.

- __bighands 

Inspired by the freedom and wanderlust of fantasy, bighands has created this beautiful series to convey her vision of a world where creativity knows no bounds. 

From the usual size memo pad that bighands has been using, she has now created a mini-sized art piece version to delight your day with these adorable pieces.

 bighands's memo pads feature adorable illustrations which are great for adding lovely details and having cozy atmosphere on your pages and outgoings. We hope enjoy using these unique creations integrating with your daily life.


Content: 50 sheets; 5 sheets per design; total 10 designs

Size: 4x4cm

Designed by bighands

Made in Malaysia