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Yohaku ヨハク

YOHAKU Original Rubber Stamp - Rowan


A series of rubber stamp by yohaku that features wood and flower designs. 

In the Winter morning, the breathtaking winter display of red berries of Sorbus commixta (or the Japanese rowan) fallen off and found on the white snow. 

Great for embellishing and adding touch of elegance to your journal pages, outgoings, gift wrappings and other occasions. Pair them with glitter or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal, the possibilities are endless.



Size: 30x20mm

Designed by yohaku

Made in Japan



A normal person, who enjoys creating

full of curiosity about this beautiful world

not too good in managing busy life

always leaving some spaces for myself

Although not an expert, I still love photography 

love to use camera, also love to use iPhone 

enjoy designing 

made many little things

has been always love myself who being so me

If you like them, welcome, and enjoy them slowly