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Yohaku ヨハク

YOHAKU Clear Masking Tape | 012 Nostalgic


I always wanted to draw the birds, the image that comes through my mind that bring happy moments. There are few designs in my head, but I decided to combine blue and green colours into this washi tape. A design illustrated beautiful scenery in the early summer of Hokkaido.

A clear, transparent tape designed by talented Japanese artist, yohaku. It is printed with beautiful collage artworks by the designer and it is designed to be removable and reusable, easy to stick on and remove cleanly.

It will bring beautiful vignette to your journal, notes, letter or gift. Since the tape is transparent, you will able to create beautiful layers by pasting them on each other. Feel free to use them corresponding with your rubber stamp collection. 

Unlike ordinary washi tape, there are perforated lines for every 5cm along this clear tape, which allow you to cut a piece of it easily without scissors. The perforated lines are so fine that you wouldn't notice them even if you tear off for the length of 10cm or 15cm.

Size: 15mmx5m

Designed by yohaku

Made in Japan



A normal person, who enjoys creating

full of curiosity about this beautiful world

not too good in managing busy life

always leaving some spaces for myself

Although not an expert, I still love photography 

love to use camera, also love to use iPhone 

enjoy designing 

made many little things

has been always love myself who being so me

If you like them, welcome, and enjoy them slowly