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Yamadoro Rubber Stamp - Paint Your Own Colours


"Go ahead! Paint your own colours!"
I wanted to draw a girl holding something again, the first item that came across my mind is my favourite colour. Perhaps we are holding some words or memories, or the palette that belongs to you.

Palette/ Each of us has our own colour, you have yours, I have mine, and when we are together, it creates another beautiful colour.
調色盤/每個人都有屬於自己的顏色, 你有 你的,我有我的,當我們靠在一起時,卻又能產生另一個漂亮的顏色。
Pigment/ Instead of hesitating which colour to use, let's be brave and walk through this, we could adjust it along the way.
顏料/ 即使到了現在,畫下筆的那一刻,還是好猶豫:“這顏色真的好嗎?” “這樣真的不會毀了嗎?” 阿,與其躊躇不前,不如大膽的往前,邊做邊調整吧。

This beautiful wooden rubber stamp feature original illustrations by Taiwanese illustrator, Yamadoro. You are able to create a beautiful and alluring vibe on your pages and outgoings with it.

Use this rubber stamp on its own as a how it is, or pair it imaginatively with other rubber stamps (such as background stamps, lines or borders), stickers, washi tapes, or your hand-written message & quotes. You could also add some different colour of ink pads on the stamp to make it more lively and create something more than what it is!

Each rubber stamp comes with a craft box in a warm colour and a beautiful tag prepared specially by the designer.


Size: (Palette) 3.5x3.5cm; (Pigment) 2.5x3cm; 

Designed by Yamadoro

Made in Taiwan