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SOM Studio

文 | 图 (written & illustrated by..) Rubber Stamp


文 (wén) - written by; words; texts

图 () - illustrated by; photographed by; picture, photo or illustration

This rubber stamp series is inspired by the section where the name(s) of author, illustrator and/or translator is/are printed on the front cover or the spine of a book (usually found on Chinese or Japanese book covers). The name(s) is/are could be put before, after, top or bottom of the words "

文 (written by)" and "图 (illustrated by)". 


This wooden rubber stamp features a minimalist design of words.

You could use this rubber stamp on your journal pages for keeping records about photos you have taken and printed, as well as for illustrations/drawings that you have collected or drawn. At the same time great for adorning your journal entry or any other occasion.

Each piece of rubber stamps is assembled by hand with care and attention to details.


此时 | 此刻 (at this moment) rubber stamp

此食 | 此客 (about this meal) rubber stamp



Size: 3x2cm; 3x1.5cm

Designed by SOM Studio

Made in Malaysia