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Wish Granting Good Luck Charm Sticky Notes


This collection of sticky notes is named as "Omazinai", which means "good luck charm or magical spell that grant your small wishes". 

You could use them for patterns, as gift labels, as decorations, as markers, or as usual memo sticky notes. You could also pair them with your washi tapes and/or rubber stamps or any paper embellishments for enhanced appeal.

The richness of colours and adorable illustrations of these sticky notes would become an expressions of visual elegance on your pages and outgoings. It could also be a special gift for someone special. We hope this unique creation will add some sparks in your everyday life.


 * Teru Teru Bozu is a custom that has been practiced since ancient times in Japan.  Japanese people use it to wish for good weather for the next day. 

** A tea stalk floating vertically is called chabashira (lit: tea pillar/stalk). In Japan, it's believed that it's a sign of good luck.


Content: 40 sheets (20 sheets per design)

Size: W25×H75mm

Designed by Inori Kito

Made in Japan