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Plain Stationery

Today's Print-On Stickers


A series of pressure-activated stickers designed originally by Plain Stationery feature some daily activities, daily word phrases and daily tools such as car, desk lamp, street light, camping tent etc. Besides for documenting your daily activities, these stickers would be great for adorning your pages and outgoings.

Unlike normal stickers, you do not have a peel off a sticky back. Only pressure is needed to activate these adhesive stickers. You could choose to cut out youdesired part of the sticker sheet. Remove the backing sheet, and by pressing on the desired pattern of the sticker sheet, the decal will remain and then the image is created. You could use designed popsicle stick to apply pressure the designs on the surface you want them to appear on. 

As there might be some unused parts of the sticker after cutting out the desired parts, each pack of sticker comes with a waterproof envelope made with Tyvek® material. The envelope is light-weight, waterproof and tear-proof. 


Content: 2 sheets of stickers + 1 piece waterproof envelope (for each pack)

Size: 14x8cm

Designed by Plain Stationery