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The Moon Diary - Weekly Diary


From the first page, this planner pages are filled with gentleness imbued with beautiful illustrations of moons. 

Use this delightfully designed book as a diary, scrapbook, or simply as a place to record your thoughts. 

This diary features monthly and weekly planners, paired with ample blank spaces for your creativity and notes. 

This diary doesn't have preprinted dates, giving you the flexibility on how you use it. You can start whenever you want to and continue to use it for the next coming year. You can do one or more pages for recording a day, or if you don't want to write about anything on some days, that's fine too!

It comes with smooth and soft cover that able to 

lie flat when open, making it easy to write. It has high quality paper for pleasant writing experience with most kinds of pen. 

Just like the moon that appears everyday, we hope this diary book can accompany you for 365 days and offer a year for yourself. Wish you have a nice year, a gentle, soft and pleasant one.


Plans - A Yearly Goal List

An overview of your yearly goals, write them down and make them come true easier.

Write down your goal of the year. What kind of person you wish to become after 12 months? You can include the main event of the year or paste your favourite photo.

The left page is divided into sections for you to have a better view and organise your goals, for example health, family, career, study and hobbies. You can also write the dates you have achieved them on the page. Let’s achieve them step by step!


Datetable - Yearly Schedule

Use this spread as an overview section for whole year, six months per page. You can write occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries here for easy reference. You can also document weather, time you go to bed/exercise/study or your weight at this section.


Plans & Review - Monthly Plans & Review

A two-page spread at the beginning of each month. This is good for listing your goals beforehand and tracking achievement when the month ends.


Monthly Calendar

An entire view of the month at once. Empty circle in the corner of each calendar box provides room to write the date, together with plenty spaces to write important notes, deadlines or dates.


Daily Attendance - Gantt Chart

Provide a full view of your personal projects at a glance. Starting from the first column, fill in the moon with the colour you like once you complete your goal for the day, otherwise leave it blank if the goal is incomplete.

Let’s write down a checklist of habits you would like to maintain here.


Weekly notes

Two pages format for a week, the left page lists empty circles to provide rooms to write the month/date/day, phase of the moon, and write about the day.

Subtle grey lines divide each day into three columns to help you keep notes organised and allow you to design you own layout for each column.

The right page features lined page for you to fill in with additional notes.


Looking back

How was your year? Look back through everything you wrote down for the year and fill out your thoughts.



Two-page spread for you to write down things you like over these twelve months, such as books and movies you read and watched, nice restaurant you went, new recipes you learnt, unforgettable achievements, favourite phrases etc…



Note the places you visited throughout the year and anything about the trips.



Is there anything else you would like to say? Write them down here.

Infuse your writing on these stunning pages and pair them with white or colour inks and colour pencils to create striking and beautiful pages.


Size:  A5 (210x148x22mm)

Designed by: Wei 

Produced by Flaming Studio


User Guide 
“The Moon Diary” is a collaboration work between Flaming Studio and Wei, an artist who has been drawing over 800 moons. From the first page of the book, the pages are full of gentleness imbued with beautiful illustrations of moon by Wei.


About Wei
Wei started her creations of moon series from August 2018 as part of her ongoing project, System3 Galaxy. The project is talking about “toleration” and Wei think that the moon is the best representative. The artist has turned her studies and understanding of moon into beautiful artworks. Wei remembered the moons she saw, then recreating and mapping out the moon from over hundreds of moons she saw. Wei has a fascination with the moon, saying that the moon creates calmness. The artist also described the waxing and waning phases of the moon is like the ever-changing human’s emotions, like dew or a flash of lighting. Instead of talking about arts, Wei hope to know more about people through moon.