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SOM Studio

A Summer Blossom between You and Me Rubber Stamp


A summer blossoms between you and me.

We found ourselves and each other through blooming flowers, shared moments and love.

A simple concept of expressing emotions through flowers for our loved ones and commemorating joyous moments together as the new season comes, we have transformed our feelings into these lovely designs. 

Flowers and seasons are attached to each other, so are we. To remember the changing seasons, blossoms and loved ones that filling our days with joy and love, we are bringing this new collection to life this summer, a season that traps in between spring blooms completing their bloom and autumn blossoms preparing to bloom. 

We always believe that each design holds a different story (or stories) for each of us. With lovely blossoms visible in each stamp, these stamps will be great for different occasions and every mood. May this piece of stamp add some sparks in your moments. 



Size: approx. 3x2.2cm; 3x3cm; 6x3cm

Designed by SOM Studio x msbulat

Made in Malaysia