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Hiroko Uno

[Discontinued] LampxPaperi Price Tag Label Set


Price tags & labels with an authentic French reproduction label motif, designed by Japanese artist, Hiroko Uno. Inspired by her love for vintage papers, she made these by using vintage papers found in Japan and added some "vintage feel" on them. They will be great materials for bringing beautiful vignette to your journal pages and outgoings.

Some of the price tag labels are printed with grids layout at the back side, so that you could write you message on them. 


Content & Size: 

Vintage Round Craft Box

Grey colour tags - 30pcs (each design x6); Approx. 5.3x3.3cm

Coloured labels - 6 pcs (each colour x2); Approx. 18x4cm

Designed by Hiroko Uno 

Made in Japan