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Soramame Ink Pads by Tomoko Tsukui


These Soramame Ink Pads are very useful for smaller rubber stamps, for applying/mixing differents colours on a rubber stamps. Each of the ink pads is a size of finger tip, so you could put it onto your finger tip and use it easily too.

Although these ink pads might blend through the pages and the outcome of details not as clear and sharp as Shachihata ink pads, these ink pads would be a great choice for playing around your rubber stamps with more colour choices.

Available in 9 different sets with lovely pastel tones, these water-based ink pads produce prints that dry quickly with a light powdery finish on paper. Multipurpose ink pads which suitable to be used on paper, fabric, wood, leather, ceramic and plastic.

Now you have more choices of ink pad colours to apply on your journal, artworks, or next outgoing mail/gift.


About Tomoko Tsukui

Tomato Tsukui is an eraser stamp artist from Japan. From the age of 15, Tomoko began carving stamps out of erasers and producing prints as a hobby. As her skill developed, this hobby grew into a livelihood, and after graduating from Wako University she began producing order-made stamps carved from erasers and marketed under the brand name “Shokado.” She has also developed and marketed a special brand of ink pads, a kit for making eraser-carved stamps and a range of materials craving rubber stamps.


Content: 4 colours ink pads/per set + label stickers for each colour + sticker to stick each set of ink pads together

Size: W90 x D35 x H23 mm

Brand: Versacraft