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somesortof.fern Tracing Paper Roll - Mountain and Ocean


Every day, we see the same rectangular scenery passing by our eyes, day in and day out. From the sunrise to the sunset, the full moon to the crescent, the same shapes and colours keep repeating. 

Transform your everyday scenery into something extraordinary with this roll of tracing paper. The landscape illustrations in rectangular shapes are beautifully printed in vibrant colours, showcasing different scenes from Monday to Sunday, including the sunrise, sunset, moon phases, mountain, sea, and starry sky.

The tracing paper is perfect for scrapbooking and journaling, adding a pop of colour and texture to your pages. With its non-adhesive design, it offers versatile usage. You can easily cut out the illustrations with scissors or tear them by hand and use glue to paste them into your journal. You can also use a stapler to create layered effects or pair them with brads for an eye-catching look.

Get creative with this beautiful and functional tracing paper, and let your imagination run wild!


Size: 4cmx10m

Designed by somesortof.fern

Made in Taiwan