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somesortof.fern PET Tape - wildflowers


The lovely days with flowers.

In summer time, the faint breeze carries a hint of heat.
The vibrant colours blooming along the road are filled with the essence of summer.

炎炎夏日, 萬里晴空總能讓心情忍不住雀躍,

透過綠葉輪廓遮擋出的陰影, 燦爛的陽光依然讓人睜不開眼。

盛夏的高溫中, 微微吹起的風也帶著暑意, 即使已經汗流浹背,

但荒地上綻放的鮮豔色彩, 仍然讓人忍不住駐足, 拍下一張夏天的氣息。


This beautiful tape is inspired by the vibrant wildflowers that grace our landscape during the summer season. The illustration is inspired by the riot of colours that bloom in barren places. The tape encapsulates the very spirit of summer, inviting you to bring a touch of its warmth and beauty into your life.

Great for adding delicate touches to your journal pages, craft projects, letters, tags, invitations cards and anything else you could think of. Not only can you use this tape on its own, but you can also overlap the designs with wax seals and rubber stamps to add even more texture and colour to your projects. The possibilities are endless!

Each roll of tape comes with a backing paper/release liner that makes it easy to cut and keep each design.


Material: gloss PET

Size: 3.5cmx10m

Designed by somesortof.fern

Made in Taiwan