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somesortof.fern PET Tape - 24 Solar Terms


The tape depicts the simple yet stunning scenery of various landscapes, inspired by the overlooked scenes we encounter every day. From the blooming sakura trees after the rain to the sweet fragrance of osmanthus flowers, to the adorable little grasses growing in flower pots, and the graceful phoenix flowers swaying in the wind against a concrete wall. The colour tones are carefully selected to capture the enchanting essence of each season, with soft pastels and vibrant hues.

Capture your memories with this beautiful PET tape and celebrates the changing seasons and the beauty of our surroundings. Great for adding personal touch with heartfelt handwritten notes and doodles. This tape will bring warmth and charm to your scrapbooking and journaling projects, helping you create a unique and personalised pages.

Each roll of tape comes with a backing paper/release liner that makes it easy to cut and keep each design.


Material: matte PET

Size: 5cmx10m

Designed by somesortof.fern

Made in Taiwan