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som studio x 紀展雄 (jizhanxiong) Washi Tape Sample Pack


A perfect and affordable way to see and feel these amazing tapes in person. 

Unsure of the patterns, textures or colours of these beautiful tapes? Not sure what the tapes really look like or which to choose? Buy a sample pack.

For fans of Ji Zhanxiong's work and collectors of his poetry, this washi tape is a must-have addition to your collection. It allows you to incorporate the author's words and artistry into your own creations and express your creativity in new and unique ways.

Use this washi tape to create stunning accents on your journal pages, scrapbooks, gift cards, and more. The elegant and minimalist design allows the poems to shine through and evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. With this washi tape, you can create beautiful and meaningful projects that reflect the beauty and poetry of life. Use it to add a personal touch to your projects and capture the essence of life's precious moments.

These washi tapes come with backing paper/release liner on each of them, which allows you to cut and keep each design easier. 


This sample pack consist of 

- som studio x 紀展雄 Washi Tape: my little poems (L:99.8cm)

som studio x 紀展雄 Washi Tape: Doodles Series - 小妞 (Little adorably clueless gal) Half body (L: 54.3cm)

som studio x 紀展雄 Washi Tape: Doodles Series - 小童 (Little child) Full body      (L: 52.4cm)



Designed by SOM Studio x 纪展雄

Made in Taiwan