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Shachihata Connectable Calendar Stamp (EN/JP)


Introducing Shachihata Perpetual Calendar Connecting Stamp, a versatile tool for your planning needs! This stamp can be rearranged at your convenience, offering a customisable way to mark the date, organise and arrange your schedule effortlessly.

With the ability to connect rows and columns interchangeably, this calendar stamp features days of the week denoted in alphabets. Each set includes one stamp for the days of the week and one for the dates.

Moreover, the set includes two stamps specifically for blank spaces, perfect for customising and fixing columns in your calendar layout.

Streamline your planning and organisational efforts with this adaptable Perpetual Calendar Connecting Stamp, designed to simplify your scheduling tasks.

This connectable stamp also available in numbering and symbols.


Stamp Size: 2.3×3.2mm

Packaging Size: 55x25x60mm

Brand: Shachihata

Made in Japan