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Sparking Moment

Season Greeting Rubber Stamp Set


Greetings are to acknowledge the presence of another person. Different kinds of greetings are used depending upon the relationship of speaker/sender and addresses, the time of day in which the greeting is made, the season of the year,  and whether or not contact is face-to-face. 

In Chinese, greetings and goodbyes are typically not accompanied by body contact such as handshake, hug or kiss, though handshakes are becoming more common in cities, well, perhaps before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The following expressions are commonly used to close a letter. They are linked to a specific season and used to extend good wishes, good health and well-being. 

I take this opportunity to send regards and wish your well-being OR  respectfully extending good wishes to you in this season --

即请春安 in Spring

顺致夏安 in Summer

此请秋安 in Autumn

并颂冬安 in Winter

The act of communication and expressions for greetings clearly in words is such a romantic way to articulate ideas or feelings. Let's embrace the beauty of these missing greeting expressions with these thoughtfully designed wooden stamps.

Kana (corresponds to one sound) were included in each stamp design which were Chinese characters (kanji) used phonetically to transcribe Japanese. 

Great for adding personal touches and creative accents to your journal pages, outgoing mail/parcel, art projects, scrapbooks, gift cards or many other occasions. The possibilities are endless. You could also pair it with other tapes, stickers, glitters or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal. 

We hope these unique creations will add some sparks in your everyday life and enjoy using them for collecting your sparking moments.



Content: 4 rubber stamps per set + 1 beautifully designed storage box

Size: 15x38x23mm (for individual stamp)

Box Size: 65x42x27mm

Designed by Sparking Moment