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Sarasa R Gel Pen (0.4mm)


Sarasa R Series Gel Pen preserved a 27% more concentrated density compare their standard pigment ink. These newly-developed gel pen equipped with darker dye-based ink creates a darker black ink and brighter colour ink effects.

Sarasa R Series features 14 bright colours and it's perfect for note-taking in class. Each colour coordinated by Ikuko Nonaka, the First Class Colour Coordinator. You could creates a better notes with these colourful colour based on the subjects or points you wish to remember.

The sturdy binder clip of Sarasa Gel Pen is loaded with a spring for clipping easily, which also allow it to clip thicker item without breaking. The retractable pen tip is also sturdy enough to endure hard writing pressure and pen drops. You could easily choose the colour by the colours viewed on the retractable tip.




Tip Size: 0.4mm

Dimension: shaft diameter 11 x total length 141mm

Manufactured by Zebra